Job Placement Services

Bright Thinker’s Employment and Rehabilitation Programs are designed to help participants prepare for, locate and retain jobs either in the community or as part of Bright Thinker’s affirmative employment operations. Through collaboration with the Georgia Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and other community programs, Bright Thinkers has placed participants with disabilities in full and part-time jobs throughout Georgia, enabling them to become independent and productive members of their communities. We have a talented team of Employment Development Specialists who work closely with program participants in their efforts to explore careers as well as obtain and maintain valued employment in the community.
Career Orientation Counseling

A process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make effective career decisions.

Job Sampling

On-site, hands on work experience in a career field in which the participant has expressed interest. The information gathered from the situational assessment will be used to inform the goals, objectives, and activities of each participant.

Pre-Employment Skills Training

Here are a few of our Pre-Employment Skills that we offer: Setting goals, communication, conflict resolution, personal presentation, dressing for success, effective body language, time management, working as a team player, assistance with resume writing and interviewing skills.

Follow-Up Services

Periodic visits with participants and/or employers to ensure retention of employment and to address any issues that arise.

Job Development

Through counseling, coaching, instruction and networking, Bright Thinkers staff members assist participants to conduct their job search as independently as possible and find stable, successful employment in their communities. Assistance with finding job opportunities, developing resumes, completing applications and interviewing. Staff may also provide advocacy and employer education if necessary.

Travel Training

Participants will be able to identify and learn the most convenient route to and from work, as well as how to deal with travel disruptions.

Job Accommodation Assistance

Adjustment to a job or work environment that makes it possible for an individual with a disability to perform their job duties. Accommodations may include specialized equipment, modifications to the work environment or adjustments to work schedules or responsibilities.