Strategic Statement and Ethos

Students understand history, science, mathematics, technology and communicate the written word. The faculty and staff realize that it is insufficient to educate the mind. They must also educate the heart, soul, and spirit.


The purpose of Bright Thinkers is to develop virtuous and competent students who are prepared for success in their academic endeavors.  


Bright Thinkers vision is to continue to provide the personal and intellectual attributes necessary for the success in the preparation of their future education and throughout their lives.  The foundation of the Bright Thinkers experience is an integrated program that develops the opportunity to further enhance the areas needing growth and improvement in their academic skills.


Bright Thinkers mission is to provide a rigorous academic program, leadership opportunities, and extra-curricular activities. The mission of academic support is to increase the retention and success rates of enrolled students. We offer assistance through individual tutoring sessions, computer software, and workshops; by enhancing academic skills through carefully selected resources. We enrich and broaden students’ knowledge in areas of special interest.  Our certified professional and peer tutors are encouraged to help our students to succeed. Ultimately, our goal is to help students become independent learners with an interest in lifelong learning.

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